Reddit User Explores Terrifying Abandoned Jail (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

A Reddit user has shared photos from her experience exploring a terrifying abandoned prison  with friends in Ontario, Canada, in the middle of the night.

Reddit user trishm drove to The Burwash Industrial Farm, also known as Burwash Correctional Centre, with friends one night after dark. She captured dozens of photos of the creepy abandoned prison after sneaking past an army base to get in.

The Burwash Industrial Farm was built in 1914 and active until 1975. The jail held between 180 to 820 inmates at any time.

Near the prison, along Highway 69, signs were posted warning drivers that hitchhikers in the area could be escaped convicts.

The photos captured by trishm show the inside of the facility run down, decaying, and covered in graffiti.

"Welcome to Hell," reads graffiti on one wall in the jail.

A razor blade with what appears to be blood splattered nearby is pasted onto one cell wall.

The Canadian government has proposed many uses for the facility since its 1975 closure, including a goat farm and a maximum security prison.

In 1980, the land was divided among natives of Burwash and the Canadian National Defense Department, in addition to several others. An annual music festival is held near the property.

Highway 69 was cut off from accessing the property in 2012. Today, the only read leading to the facility is a decommissioned road which leads to Highway 637.

According to ViralNova, trishm claimed to have spotted a ghost while inside the jail.

Watch a video below of the prison being explored during the daytime by YouTube user DaaDeeOh's Urban Exploration.

Sources: ViralNovaYouTube / Photo Credit: ViralNova

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