Here's What A Ball Pit For Grown Ups Looks Like (Photos/Video)

| by Khier Casino

A giant pop-up ball pit filled with more than 80,000 white balls opened at an art gallery on the west side of London and it is for adults.

British creative agency Pearlfisher is offering free use of the pit, called “JUMP IN!” to the adult public, and will donate £1 ($1.50) to charity Right to Play for every person who visits the gallery in Hammersmith, London.

According to, Jack Hart, senior creative strategist at Pearlfisher London, says that its adults-only ball pit builds upon studies indicating that more “play” is needed in the adult world, especially in workplaces.


"Many studies have shown that play can bring about extraordinary results for creative thinking, efficient working, the building of better connections and positive human relationships,” Hart writes.

He adds: "Many businesses claim to be ‘creative’ but they continue to operate with restricted process and conditioned thinking — true freedom of thought, expression and behavior never getting a chance to materialize. Integrating play into the working week is the key to the most effective productivity.”

Right to Play helps transform the lives of disadvantaged children around the world through the power of sport, The Telegraph notes.

Pearlfisher’s art installation, which can hold up to 30 people at a time, runs until Feb. 13. Check out this video of some adults frolicking in the ball pit:

Sources: DiplyThe Telegraph / Photo Credit: Courtesy Pearlfisher