Tori, currently the cutest dog on the internet

Is This The Cutest Dog Ever? (Photos)

| by John Freund

There's a new "cutest dog on the internet" that seems to be topping them all. 

Meet Tori, a female Bichon Frise living in Daegu, South Korea.  Bichons are known for their soft, white fur and curly hair.  But according to the Daily Mail, Tori's owners have groomed her hair into a big, fluffy sphere. 

Why is this so cute, you ask? Well, Tori's hair is so perfectly round that when she sleeps, she looks like a giant puff of cotton, or maybe a fuzzy cartoon cloud.  

Bichons don't often have so much hair on their heads, so we're guessing it took Tori's owners a while to grow that big round afro. 

When Tori isn't posing for photos, she likes to lounge around just like a normal dog, reports Little Things.  And in addition to being well-groomed, she is also exceptionally well dressed, as you can see for yourself. 

Tori has a huge following online. She has amassed tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, and that number is sure to grow as word spreads. 

We don't know who the next "cutest dog on the internet" is going to be, but whoever it is will have some pretty big shoes -- or paws -- to fill.

Sources: Daily Mail, Little Things / Photo credit: Bichon_tori/Instagram via LongRoom, Bichon_tori/Instagram via Daily Mail

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