Girl Stirs Mom With Her Drawing About Divorce (Photo)

| by Zara Zhi

The mother of a girl who drew an insightful analysis of her parents' relationship disclosed that the drawing has changed her outlook on things and compelled her to reconnect with her ex-husband.

Rosie Dutton, from Staffordshire, England, shared the painting in a poignant Facebook post after her divorce was finalized. Dutton admitted on social media that she needs to take a different approach to her ex.

“I found it so difficult having to share my daughter," she writes. "It was only one day and night a week at first, but in those times, I was lost and I was lonely.”

She added, “I wondered what she was doing, was she OK? Did she need me? I felt like I’d not only failed at my marriage but that I’d let her down somehow. I spent those first few weeks after she was picked up sitting in the dark, not really moving from the sofa until she came home.”

One day, Dutton discovered her daughter Olivia had drawn a picture of a rainbow with her mother and father next to it, but drew a sad face on her dad. The mother says the drawing made her re-evaluate the way she handled her divorce, according to Daily Mail.

She described how the painting came about:

My daughter started to notice he hadn't been round and that we hadn't been spending any time together. One afternoon, I'd left her with the paint downstairs and when I got out of the shower. I found her painting this rainbow and a picture of our family on the wall.

Her dad (the blue one in the picture) had been painted with a sad face and when I asked her why she'd drawn him that way she said, "his face is sad because he's not in our family anymore and I know he makes you feel sad," she said it with so much hurt and sadness in her little voice that it was a real turning point for me.

Now, the couple are trying their best to be friendlier to one another, reports Metro. Dutton and her ex-husband are working together to ensure Olivia has both parents in her life.

Their daughter’s painting was a wake-up call that “we had to always be a family for her, we had to stick together.”

“The rainbow still features prominently on my living room wall. It's a constant reminder to stay strong for our daughter, for our family,” says Dutton.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro / Photo credit: Rosie Dutton via Daily Mail

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