Firefighters Leave Grocery Store To Attend To An Emergency, Anonymous Good Samaritan Pays Their Bill

| by Reve Fisher

A good Samaritan anonymously paid for the dinner of a group of Washington firefighters who were called to duty while buying dinner at a grocery store.

While standing in line at a Safeway on Oct. 25, a group of firefighters from the Central Pierce and Fire Rescue team in Tacoma, Washington, was called to action. The group received a phone call stating someone needed CPR, so the crew members left their shopping cart full of ingredients for that evening's dinner to attend to the person in need.

After finishing, the group returned to the store to pay for the food. To their surprise, an anonymous person had already taken care of the bill.

The receipt shows that the food cost more than $60, and that the good Samaritan had left a note for the rescue team: "Enjoy your meals. Thanks for all you do! God Bless."

On the Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Facebook page, a picture of the good deed accompanies this caption:

"Our crew from Station 66 was buying dinner at Safeway when they were dispatched for a CPR call. When they returned to complete the sale, an anonymous caring person had already paid for their food. Whoever you are out there from the Safeway at 132nd at Meridian at South Hill, thank you so much for your generosity!!"

After cooking the meal that night, another photo was uploaded to the original thread to showcase the finished dinner.

"The finished product. Once again thank you to the kind citizen, who bought dinner for our crew at station 66. They had to respond to a CPR call while in line at the Safeway at South Hill."

Facebook commenters were appreciative of the rescue team's duties as well.

"And the best part of this, the person who paid for their purchase likely got more joy from doing that than the firefighters got from the food in the bag," one woman said. "Try it sometime, see how it makes you feel to do something totally unexpected and random."

Sources: Central Pierce Fire & Rescue on Facebook, Kiro TV / Photo credit: Central Pierce Fire & Rescue on Facebook