Father Captures Legs Poking From Baby Bump (Video)

| by Sean Kelly

Video of a baby moving around in its mother's womb went viral (video below).

In the video, the mother is lying on a couch with her baby bump showing. Just after the clip begins, the baby can be seen kicking its legs and moving throughout the mother’s womb. 

“This is literally the coolest thing I have seen in my entire life. It’s so surreal to feel your baby moving inside, but it’s such a blessing!” one viewer wrote in a comment. 

“That one is almost ready to come out of the oven, for sure. Congrats on the new addition to your family,” another added.

In a similar video that went viral, a mother-to-be discovered what appeared to be the outline of her baby’s face coming through her baby bump. Karen McMartin described to The Sun just how she came to see the astonishing image.

“I was in the staff room on a break. We were actually having a laugh at my belly button sticking out and checking for baby movement,” she said.

“Then Karen who owns the salon came in and said, ‘Oh my God, I can see a face.’ She took a picture and we’ve been showing it to folk ever since.”

The mother said she was shocked by how clearly her child’s face seemed to present itself. 

“No-one can believe how clear it is. You can see a nose, mouth and eyes — even the cheeks,” she said. 

The image, according to The Sun’s medical expert, was actually an illusion caused by her belly button, veins, stretch marks and a navel piercing. 

Watch the remarkable video below. 

Sources: John deadman/YouTube, The Sun / Photo credit: Pixabay, The Sun 

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