Family Finds Cruel Note On Their Car

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

After dining at an Olive Garden restaurant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Oct. 10, Dusty and Kionna Stribel found a note that read, “Disabled? No. Just your big fat a----” stuck to the driver’s side window.

“It took me a minute to realize what it was, and then I was just kind of shocked,” Kionna told KFOR. Dusty, Kionna’s husband, has muscular dystrophy and was confined to a wheelchair two years ago. “I was just angry because people don’t know, you know, they don’t know me,” he said.

The couple’s 8-year-old daughter, Jaydin, also read the note. “She didn’t understand.  She said mom, why would someone do that? They don’t even know us,” Kionna said.

On Facebook, Kionna explained that she tried to make the note a learning experience. "So we explained to her that some people just have hate in their hearts. We further explained how your actions can deeply affect others around you, and how she should always be conscious of others' feelings. I explained that she was right. These people didn’t know us,” she wrote. 

“And because they didn’t know, they allowed the hate in their hearts to get the better of them.” 

Kionna said she hopes to talk to whoever wrote the note. “I’d kind of like to explain to them that we aren’t just fat, lazy people that park in the handicap because we’re too lazy to park three spots away.”

Sources: KFOR, Kionna Stribel/Facebook Photo credit: Kionna Stribel/Facebook