Police Help Elderly Woman Mow Lawn In The Heat (Photos)

| by Michael Howard

Three police officers in Birmingham, Alabama, are being lauded for their act of kindness to an elderly woman over Labor Day weekend.

When Officer Ivy Nicole Jackson spotted an older woman mowing her lawn in the heat on Sept. 4, she decided to stop what she was doing and help, according to

Jackson called two of her fellow officers, Erik Henderson and Robert Lewis, and the three of them took turns pushing the lawn mower around the woman's yard.

"She [Jackson] notified us," Henderson said. "We just came together and did it together."

He added that as part of their general duty as police officers, they look out for elderly citizens. For example, they regularly conduct welfare checks. And while they had never helped to mow someone's lawn before, similar acts of generosity are routine.

"A lot of people don't like us but we're here to help," Henderson said. "You've got to be nice to people."

It took the officers about two hours to finish mowing the woman's lawn, which means it probably would have taken her a lot longer had she had to do it herself.

Henderson posted about the good deed on his Facebook page. The post quickly racked up more than 1,000 likes, with more than 100 people commending the officers for their kindness.

"It's officers like you who build up our city by protecting our most vulnerable from even the sun," commented John Phillips. "Thank you all for serving our city!"

"This is the kind of stuff that really happens," wrote Anita Gray. "There are a lot more good/greats by officers everywhere that never get reported. Go Birmingham PD!"

When reached out to the Birmingham Police Department for comment, Lt. Sean Edwards responded with a reminder that this sort of thing is not an isolated incident.

"Our officers on their own initiative do all types of wonderful things serving our citizens," he said.

Sources:, Erik Henderson/Facebook / Photo credit: Erik Henderson/Facebook, JohnCurtis/Visual Hunt

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