Selfish Parking At Wal-Mart Brings Karma (Photos)

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A Maine Wal-Mart employee who took up two parking spots with a regular-sized car was given a lesson.

Matthew Mills shared a photo of the bad parking job to Facebook, at the Wal-Mart in Biddeford, Maine, which shows the car has been boxed in with shopping carts.

"This guy got a lesson in parking Hahah biddo walmart," Mills captioned the photo.

Many comments on the photo supported the unknown person who created the shopping cart barricade.

"The person deserves a high five for doing that," a comment read.

"This is f***ing awesome," another user said.

One comment expressed a wish that the person had gone a step further and zip tied the carts together.

"Omg...I've so wanted to do this to a few idiots that park in multiple spots. Whoever did do this deserves a reward for creativity," another commenter said.

Others suggested the driver could not see the yellow line separating the parking spots because of snow, which had melted by the time Mills snapped the photo.

According to a friend of the driver, she did not park in two spots on purpose.

"[She] came into work and slid into her spot because of an icy spot and couldn't park straight and then someone rudely put carts around her car," he told WMTW.

Mills told KTRK the parking spots were designated for handicapped parking, adding that he has been told the story of why the woman parked in two spots.

Mills' photo of the trapped car has been shared thousands of times online.

In a similar incident in Clifton, New York, when the driver of a Corvette decided to take up two parking spots, another driver took action, but not using shopping carts.

Kyle DeMattia was headed to a Red Robin restaurant when he spotted the white Corvette taking up two spaces in the nearly full parking lot.

"I was like, come on man, are you serious, three spots from the door. So we pulled up, jumped out, we got people walking by laughing, having a good time," DeMattia told WABC.

He decided to park his muddy Jeep right up next to the Corvette, and then watched the owner's reaction from inside the restaurant when he returned to his vehicle.

"He was shocked to see the big muddy Jeep next to his shiny Corvette. You see him looking for dings. For anybody with a sports car, you should park away from the entrance," DeMattia said.

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