Dog Befriends New Foster Child, Makes Him Feel At Home (Photos)

| by Lauren Briggs

Few things are more precious than the bond between little children and their dogs, but nothing even comes close to being more adorable than this very special pair of best friends.

Life can be tough for both foster kids and the families who have to give them up when the children are placed with forever parents, which was why foster grandma Sandi Swiridoff adopted a pup in the first place, according to Mashable. Two of her daughter's foster children were adopted out, so she got herself a Labradoodle to help her cope with missing the two kids.

"My daughter was fostering two boys, ages two and five, " Swiridoff told Mashable. "When the time came for them to move to a forever family my heart ached at the thought of no longer being involved in their lives."

She decided that she "needed to something to focus on, to pour love and attention into," so she picked up Reagan the dog.

When Reagan was 11 months old, a new foster child came into Swiridoff's life, and he was also 11 months old. For privacy reasons, the family refers to him publicly as Little Buddy.

He and Reagan had an instant connection.

"When they met, they just clicked and bonded," Swiridoff told ABC News. "It looked like love at first sight and they have been best friends ever since."

Swiridoff couldn't help herself -- she started snapping photos of the two peas in a pod, who frequently get dressed up in matching outfits.

"They play, cuddle, steal each other's toys, read, sip lattes (almond milk, no coffee)... and just love to BE together," she told Mashable of the best friends, who both turned 3 in February.

The adorable pair is frequently featured on an Instagram page dedicated to Reagan, which has more than 195,000 followers as of the afternoon of May 2. Swiridoff, who called it a "dream" to share their friendship with the world, is working on a book featuring the two best buddies.

"They act like brothers, they will steal each other’s toys and run and chase each other," the grandma told ABC. "When Little Buddy is eating lunch, Reagan will sit by his high chair and Little Buddy will sneak him food. And when Little Buddy is over at my house and I put him down for a nap, Reagan will sit outside the door and wait for him to wake up."

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