This Dog's Best Friends Are A Hamster And Eight Birds (Photos)

| by Lauren Briggs

Do you love tiny animals? You probably don't love them as much as Bob the dog does.

This adorable, loving golden retriever is taking the internet by storm. He first moved in with his owner, Luiz Higa Junior, in Sau Paulo, Brazil, when he was 4 months old, reports Shareably. At that time, Bob was the only pet.

But one month after Higa Junior got Bob, he picked up two birds -- a cockatiel and a parakeet.

Since then, the family has expanded to include six more birds and a hamster.

"Since the beginning they have lived side by side and it has been so nice to see how they have behaved together," Bob's owner told the Daily Mail.

It's easy to see in Bob's photos that he gets along amazingly well with his eclectic family.

Bob and his friends love to take naps together.

They keep each other warm.

Sometimes he even blends in with his feathered friends, and it's hard for us to tell that he's a dog and not a bird.

They always keep the dog smiling, and the photos show that he puts up with just about anything from them, even if one of the critters wants to sit on his head.

Bob takes good care of his friends. Bob is a good boy.

One thing's for sure: Bob lives an adventure-packed life. He's even an Instagram-famous celebrity. That's right, Bob the dog has his own Instagram, and he has more followers than most people, as more than 300,000 users subscribe to his page.

Since becoming famous on social media, Bob got a new sibling named Marley, judging by his photos.

They are completely adorable together.

They do everything together -- and even get into trouble at times.

But they are good dogs, and they take good care of their pack.

Some dog experts, like those from Vet Street, say that because of dogs' dormant predatory instincts, it is never safe to leave them unattended around small pets like birds, because there is always a chance that your dog might tap into his or her more primitive instincts and go after the birds.

It is always best to supervise your dog around all animals and children, even if it doesn't seem necessary, but one thing is for sure: Bob and Marley love their birds and are living proof that the two species can get along and become the best of friends.

Sources: Shareably, Daily Mail, Vet Street / Photo credit: Bob Golden Retriever via Shareably, Bob & Marley/Instagram (2, 3, 4)

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