Debate Ensues Over Candace Cameron Bure's Christmas Sweater (Photo)

| by Reve Fisher

So-called “ugly sweaters” have become a holiday tradition in the past few years. In fact, Dec. 18 is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, during which people are encouraged to wear their favorite ugly Christmas sweater regardless of the circumstances.

Candace Cameron Bure, best known for her role as D.J. Tanner on the "Full House" TV series, posted a selfie on her Facebook page in her Christmas sweater. The sweater has a cartoon image of both Jesus and Santa Claus.

“For all the naysayers - let me tell you what this sweater means to me,” read the caption of the picture. “Christmas for most, is about Santa, the "holidays" presents and cheer ... But for me, it's Jesus. So while you may see this graphic as polar opposites or even blasphemy, I see this sweater as a bridge between commercialism and the real meaning of Christmas.”

This juxtaposition of religious and secular imagery caused some debate.

One man commented, “Jesus and Santa are not Buddy's, santa unscrambled spells satan, who else would make up some fake being to try and steal some of Christ's glory that is what Christmas is about.”

Although some comments criticized the sweater, many others supported both the actress and her interpretation of the imagery.

“People pointing fingers at a sweater which is in no means meant to offend (which we all know it's 2015 so it probably will) and yet they themselves are just as much sinners as anyone else in this world,” read another comment.

Some felt that there was room for both religious and secular images to represent Christmas.

“Our preacher explains the issue of whether or not Santa is a pagan tradition well," one comment explained. "He told us that God sees what is in our hearts and the whole Santa idea got started by a genuine man who gave gifts to families. So, it's really all how you view Santa. If you teach your children that Santa is just a man who does the work of the Lord by giving out of love then they will see truth.”

Others feel that there are more important concerns than a celebrity's choice of holiday wear. 

“Oh my goodness, everyone gets so butt hurt over everything these days,” a woman commented.

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