Couple Takes LSD, Tries To Assemble Furniture (Video)

| by Michael Allen

A young couple, Giancarlo and Nicole, recently allowed themselves to be filmed as they took LSD and tried to assemble an IKEA dresser (video below).

After the couple ingests the acid on camera, they laugh and try to figure out the instructions -- a difficult task while sober, notes

Giancarlo tries to use a screwdriver and a mallet while Nicole giggles.

"That was step one, and we have like three other boxes," Giancarlo laments.

At one point, Giancarlo takes a break, gazes through a window and states, "Oh wow, outside ... It’s like neutrality of any emotion right now, it’s just... it is. It's just there. That's cool man. It's just there."

Following that deep philosophical moment, the two break into some more laughter and return to their task.

"I made a drawer, kind of," Nicole says.

However, the couple soon realizes that they are only working on one segment of the dresser.

"There's no way," Nicole states.

After taking three hours and 53 minutes to assemble three drawers, Nicole announces, "I'm done with this."

"I will never build furniture on acid again," she adds. "F--- it, I want to go outside and play again."

The couple then wanders down a street to a children's playground and enjoys the equipment while still high.

While the couple was presumably not arrested, Devontre Thomas may be facing one year in federal prison for alleged possession of an amount of cannabis so small that it would only create one joint, notes Willamette Week.

The 19-year-old man goes on trial in a few weeks in Portland, Oregon.

While recreational marijuana has been legal in Oregon for three years, Thomas is accused of possessing it at the Chemawa Indian School in Salem, which is under the federal Bureau of Indian Education; marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

If Thomas is convicted, he also faces a $1,000 fine, and a lifetime denial of government student loans, housing and aid.

Billy Williams, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon, told the news site: "We look forward to addressing the facts of the case in an appropriate manner and, most importantly, within the judicial process."

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