Woman Asks The Internet To Edit Engagement Photo (Photos)

| by Michael Doherty

A woman received a strange surprise from the internet when she asked social media users to help her edit a shirtless man out of her friend's engagement photo.

"HELP!" wrote Ashley Guice in the Rising Tide Society Facebook group, according to East Coast Radio. "My best friend sister just got engaged and she's the one in the photo," she said in her post, including the original image.

"This was right after they got engaged and she wants to keep the photo forever and she wants the guy in the background Photoshopped," wrote Guice. "I cannot for the life of me Photoshop him out! Can anyone help me out without us having to crop the image?"

Internet users had a field day "fixing" the photo, pasting memes and strange images over the man, and even switching the faces of the subjects around.

The edited photos included everything from Left Shark from Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance to a Siberian Husky riding a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus in her "Wrecking Ball" music video.

Another user took the request seriously, and pasted a simple plant over the man, according to Bored Panda.

It's unclear whether Guice and her friend's sister were amused by the jokes, or if they were happy with the final result.

In another case of pranks with digital editing, a husband tricked his wife using the photo editing software, according to Mashable.

In April, Bobby Wesson used edited photos to convince his wife Rayena Wesson that their son had shaved his own head when Bobby left a set of clippers unattended.

"Hey can we reschedule those pictures?" Bobby sent a text to Rayena while she was out of the house. He then sent her a picture of himself with the boy, but the boy's head was edited to look like a large chunk of hair had been shaved.

"ANSWER THE PHONE," responded Rayena. "What did you do PICK UP THE PHONE."

"Calm down I'm going to fix it," replied Bobby in a text.

"FIX WHAT," wrote Rayena, "WHAT HAPPENED tell me I can't [do] this I'm freaking out."

He then sent her a picture of clumps of hair next to clippers.

"I was trimming my neck for the pictures that YOU wanted to do this is ur fault," wrote the dad. "I turned my back for a minute and he skinned his head up."

"Calm down, I fixed it some, maybe we can get his pics at an angle or something," Bobby wrote, sending the mom another edited image of their son, with his hair even further buzzed.

"My sweet baby looks like a potato," replied Rayena.

He then suggested that the boy might feel better if Bobby shaved his own head to match.

"He's sooo sad," said Bobby. "I think he'd feel better if I shaved my head too. Say goodbye to it. He won't stop crying. Gotta do it."

"DO NOT SHAVE YOUR HEAD," responded Rayena.

He then sent her another doctored photo of himself and their son, both with shaved heads.

He then came clean to his wife, admitting the whole thing had been a prank.

"One day I'm gonna have to tell my bunk [mate] in prison I'm doing life [because] my dumb a** husband thought he was funny," wrote the mom.

Sources: Bored Panda, East Coast Radio, Mashable / Photo credit: Sole Treadmill/Flickr, Facebook via Bored Panda, Bobby Wesson via Mashable

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