Chicago Couple Slips Money To Disabled Homeless Man As He Sleeps On The Train (Photo)

| by Jonathan Constante

A Chicago couple’s generous act has gone viral on social media.

Courtney and Tanya White were on their way back home from a funeral in Alabama when they noticed a disabled homeless man on a Chicago Transit Blue Line train, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Before getting off the train, the couple slipped money into the homeless man’s bag as he slept. The moment was captured by passenger Jack Stankovic, who shared the photo on Facebook.

Stankovic wrote:

“These 2 people must be put on blast. I am on the #blueline heading towards the city when I spot something rare and sometimes unheard of. There was a disabled homeless man in a wheelchair sleeping, this guy in the picture reached over and slipped some money into the homeless man's bag. No one else noticed but me. This wasn't spare change, and the homeless man wasn't bother or asking for anything from anyone. This couple got off at the #irvingpark station. Thank you sir for reestablishing my faith in humanity. You sir are a true gentleman. #cta #goodsamaritan #karma let's all share and thank this guy and his girl.”

The photo had been shared more than 77,000 times in the five days since it was posted on Nov. 1.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Jack Stankovic/Facebook / Photo Credit: Jack Stankovic/Facebook