Can You Spot The Terrifying Man In This Photo?

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Do you see him? If not, no worries. We didn’t either at first. But rest assured: he’s up there, and he’s incredibly creepy.

The photo, posted by Reddit user … wait for it … youeatMYboogers, was taken under the 4th street bridge in Los Angeles. The photo appears entirely ordinary at first glance. The 4th street bridge has been featured in dozens of movie scenes, and people snap photos of the area all the time. With that said, make no mistake: there is an unexpected and unnerving guest in the picture. Consider this the spooky adult version of "Where’s Waldo."

Do you see him?


How about now?


Let’s zoom that in one more time:


Boom. Scary, right? Our good friend youeatMYboogers had no clue the man was there until he got home and looked over his photos.

“Had no idea my friend and I were being watched for the 20 minutes we were under the bridge,” he wrote. 

Source: Reddit, Imgur / Photo Credit: youeatMYboogers