California Moves Forward With Proposal To Make Lawmakers Wear Donors' Logos

| by Sean Kelly

A California group announced on Feb. 9 it was getting close to putting an initiative on the ballot that would require state representatives to wear their sponsors' logos while on the floor of the Statehouse.

The California Is Not For Sale initiative was created to lessen the influence of money in politics, and was backed by attorney and businessman John Cox, who gave $1 million to the effort.

"The idea was conceived during a protest that was being staged for a separate ballot initiative in which we had all of the cutouts of California politicians covered in logos," initiative coordinator Ryan Smith said. 

In December 2015, Cox said he was seeking the endorsement of both Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and businessman and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for the legislation. Both have discussed the negative role of campaign funding from corporate donors.

"It’s going to be immensely popular," Cox said at the time.

"We have a system under which people who want something from government fund the campaigns of the people who make those decisions. In any other solar system that would be considered corrupt.”

Sources: The Huffington Post, US News & World Report / Photo credit: US News & World Report

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