Police Officer's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral (Photo)

| by John Freund

A pedestrian used her cell phone to capture an interaction between a police officer and a local citizen -- but this one had nothing to do with violence or alleged racism. 

Instead, Deana McNew of Hopewell, Virginia, snapped a photo of an unidentified Hopewell Police Department officer who had reportedly stopped his car in the pouring rain, retrieved his umbrella, exited the car, and stood covering a disabled man who was waiting at an uncovered bus stop. Prior to the cop's arrival, the disabled man had no shelter from the heavy downpour.  

"This was on Oaklawn Blvd at the corner of Wilmington Street," McNew told WWBT.  "God bless this officer who helped a double amputee in this awful rain."  

The Hopewell Police Department later identified the officer as Det. Barchanowicz. 

"We are pleased to see that he upholds the Hopewell Police Department Values Statement," the department wrote on its Facebook page on May 17.

According to the Facebook post, the department's Values Statement reads: 

We the members of the Hopewell Police Department, recognize our profound duty to uphold the public trust. We will consistently demonstrate loyalty, trust, respect, integrity, and honesty in all our endeavors. These values are the foundation upon which our professionalism is based." 

The comments on the department's Facebook page show that many people were moved by the officer's show of kindness.  

"Totally awesome!!!!!" one Facebook user wrote.  "Blue Lives Matter (as does all lives) and I think he's definitely lived up to 'To Protect and Serve' for sure."  

"Proud moment for Hopewell," another commenter wrote. "Thank you, Detective!"  

No official comment yet from either the officer or the disabled individual. 

Sources: WWBT, Hopewell Police Department/Facebook / Photo Credit: Deana McNew via Go Heroes

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