British Singer Pixie Lott Under Fire For Native American Costume

| by Dominic Kelly

English singer Pixie Lott is facing intense scrutiny after posting photos of herself dressed as a Native American for her 24th birthday.

Reports say that Lott took to Instagram to share some selfies in which she is dressed in a Native American costume, apparently as part of her birthday celebration in London.

"Tigerlily is out to play tonight for final BDAY celebrations with @joemowles," wrote Lott along with her photos. "Thanks to @emmabrizzie #MAC #cowboys #indians."

Immediately, followers began to blast her, saying the singer was "ignorant" for dressing the way she did.

"It doesn't change the fact that it's very disrespectful," one user commented, according to Daily Mirror. "'Cowboys' (meaning Americans/white people) killed Natives and forced them out of their homes. How is it in good fun when you're basically making a mockery of the genocide of a lot of people."

"Disgusting. Ignorance at its best right here," another user commented.

Although Lott was at a theme party, many of her followers felt her decision to dress up like a Native American was disrespectful.

"Might aswell (sic) color your skin a little darker and go out with black face to a 'black people' themed party," another user pointed out.

Do you think Lott's decision to dress as a Native American was disrespectful?

Sources: The Daily Mirror, The London Evening Standard / Photo Source: Pixie Lott's Instagram page via The Daily Mirror