Boston Man Writes Heartbreaking 'Missed Connections' Craigslist Post To Woman Who Saved His Life 42 Years Ago

| by Brendan Kelly

A heartbreaking Craigslist "Missed Connections" posting 43 years in the making, in which a Boston man searches for the woman who saved his life in 1972, is going viral.

The "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist is a place for people to reach out to somebody they had an encounter with, without getting the person's name or phone number, in hopes that they might find it and want to reconnect. The postings can range from heartbreaking to hilarious. A posting on the Boston "Missed Connections" page has caught the internet's attention for being the former.

The letter begins: "I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972, the same day I resolved to kill myself."

It then continues to tell the story of the writer, a depressed Vietnam veteran on the brink of suicide, who noticed a beautiful woman taking shelter from the rain under a balcony. She appeared to have been crying so the writer struck up a conversation with her before asking her to get coffee. He felt a deep connection to her, but when they left that day, they never saw each other again. He credits the woman with saving him from killing himself.

After 42 years, the writer decided to take a chance and see if there is any hope of the two reconnecting. Perhaps with the help of the internet, his wish may come true.

Read the full posting below.

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