Rescued Border Collies Become Adorable Duo (Video)

| by Robert Fowler

Two border collies who had grown up bouncing around from family to family finally found a permanent home under the same roof. When their owner discovered that the two pooches made for excellent models, a viral sensation was born (video below).

Kelly Bove is a professional photographer and passionate animal lover. After she brought home Envy, an older border collie with a snowy white coat punctuated with patches of dark brown, she decided to find her new pet a sibling, Shareably reports.

Envy had sadly been re-homed several times throughout her life, an unfortunate circumstance that can make a dog feel unloved. When Bove adopted Zain, a border collie puppy with a shimmering black coat, Envy was gifted with an affectionate brother.

Zain had grown up under similar circumstances to Envy, having been re-homed a few times throughout his young life. Together, the two border collies made for a loving family unit.

After Bove taught her two pets to stay on command, she realized that the two dogs made for striking photography subjects. While both Envy and Zain would sit perfectly still for pictures, Bove decided to innovate by teaching them how to hug each other.

"With hugging, I actually taught Zain to hug other objects ... first before asking him to hug Envy," Bove told The Dodo. "Once he was solid and knew what 'hug' meant, he had no problem hugging Envy."

Demonstrating how well-behaved her two furry models are during photography sessions, Bove took a video of them sitting still on a wintry field. With snowflakes cascading down on their coats, the two canines gaze directly into the camera, with Zain dutifully wrapping his paws around his big sister.

Bove uploads the stunning photographs onto her Instagram page, where she has garnered over 266,000 followers.

The canine photographer decided to expand her dynamic duo into a trio by adopting Trek, a border collie pup with a chestnut brown and white coat complemented by piercing blue eyes.

Both Envy and Zain immediately took to their new sibling, flanking him like two guardian protectors.

While Bove was overjoyed that her pets all got along, she found family photos to be difficult at first. It was initially a challenge to get Trek, an energetic puppy, to sit still for photography sessions.

"Trek is always on the move, so photo time was interesting up until a few weeks ago when I finally taught him how to stay," Bove said. "But now that he knows how to stay, he is turning into a pro when it comes to modeling for the camera."

Having been displaced repeatedly throughout their lives, both Envy and Zain now have a loving family together. Taking the Internet by storm with their adorable poses, they now have a third member of their modeling troupe.

As Trek grows from a puppy into a full-grown dog, the three canines have formed an irresistible trio.

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