Artist Depicts Life With Talking Animals (Photos)

| by Lauren Briggs

Do you ever find yourself talking to your dog or cat and wishing that they could say something back to you? Even though you know better, you still catch yourself asking your pets questions over and over again and expecting some sort of answer.

But what do you think they would say, if animals could talk to you?

Comic artist Jimmy Craig has a pretty good idea.

Craig shares his hilarious and endearing ideas on They Can Talk, a website that answers a lot of burning questions you might have about why your pets do quirky things that make no sense to you, like why your dog can't stop barking at the door...

Or why your cat can't keep from seemingly ill-willed activities, like knocking your glass over.

It turns out that your mischievous cats are not constantly trying to annoy you. They just want to help!

Most of the animals mean well and are sincere.

But there are some exceptions, of course.

The animals don't always get along.

But they manage to figure it out.

The burning desire to communicate with pets is a common one. In fact, scientists have been trying for years to develop devices that will enable us to talk to animals such as dogs and cats and for them to respond and tell us how they are feeling, according to The Atlantic.

"I think we have the technology now to be able to develop the devices that are, say, the size of a cellphone, that would allow us to talk to our dogs and cats," Professor Con Slobodchikoff told The Atlantic in 2013 of his research at the time on animal language. "So the dog says 'bark' and the device analyzes it and says, 'I want to eat chicken tonight.' Or the cat can say 'meow,' and it can say, 'You haven't cleaned my litterbox recently.'"

Slobodchikoff is an expert on animal language and said that many animals have sophisticated verbal communication with each other.

"But if we're going to get to that technology, it's going to take some research," he explained. "And it's probably five to 10 years out. But I think we can get to the point where we can actually communicate back and forth in basic animal languages to dogs, cats, maybe farm animals -- and, who knows, maybe lions and tigers."

Since we are nearing the five-year mark, we're going to keep our eyes out to see if Slobodchikoff is right about this. In the meantime, we'll have to content ourselves with fiction.

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