Man's Last Breath Touches Nurse And World (Video)

| by Sheena Vasani

Rebecca Turley has seen a lot of people die in her life. As an Ohio hospice nurse, it's just a part of the job (video below).

“When you work with death and people who are dying every day, you kind of become immune to it," the 25-year-old says in the Facebook video below she uploaded in July.

That was until the "magical moment" she shared with a dying man and his family while he took his last breaths.

Watching him say his final goodbyes, all of the deaths she'd ever witnessed suddenly hit her hard.

Attempting to hold back tears, Turley begins filming a powerful message for the rest of the world to hear.

She goes on to detail some of the types of patients in the past:

I have taken care of pediatric patients. I've had patients who go in for routine op-patient surgeries and they wake up and the doctor says, 'Hey, you have a week to live.'

I don't know if two people are going to watch this video -  I don't care. Maybe those two people will get something from me saying if you have a family member you have been fighting with, if you are unhappy in your job… life is so so short. You should live life to the fullest, maintain good relationships. Don’t stress about the little things because life is too short.

Looking away from the camera, her thoughts return to the man she just saw lose his life.

"It's hard for me to think about that man laying there taking his last breath and wondering if there was something he wishes he could have done differently," she says with emotion towards the end of the video.

Since posting the clip online, it has gone viral, touching many worldwide.

"You are a blessing," writes one Facebook user on LiftBump's Facebook page. "I could not be strong enough to do your job, so I became a teacher. I only had to watch two people die and that was enough. Thank you for reminding me that life is Dad's recent death gets hard sometimes. Today was one of those days, so thanks for the message"

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