15 Things Others Don't Realize About Your Depression

| by Etijimmy

A lot of times people lose the ability to visualize a happy future. Depression has eaten deep into their lives. The search for validation has left many high and dry and it seems to last weeks or even months. Here are a few pointers to help you identify the things you do because of depression.

1. Ever said sorry too many times? Probably for even existing.

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2. What about socially awkward situations where you don't come out of that shell?

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3. When talking requires too much effort and it’s easy to pretend you're invisible.

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4. And then you’re lost in yourself for weeks or even months.

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5. Ever required validation from other people like it were a lifeline?

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6. Undue transfer of aggression to people who actually care about you.

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7. Always trying hard to hide it and seem like the happy person everyone thinks you are.


8. And then you lose interest in basic things. Literally.

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9. You cancel plans that you were interested in so you can wallow in self-pity.


10. Always too lazy to get out of bed? Go to bed early and wake up late?

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11. When you can’t stand yourself and the thoughts that sift through your mind.

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12. When you cry for no reason and are basically inconsolable.

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13. Now the excessive drinking. Is it a cry for help?

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14. Are you easily irritated? Basically flip between emotions and constant mood swings?

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15. When you’re constantly tired, probably from waking up every day to the thoughts you went to bed fighting.

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