15 Amazing Photos Of Road Trips

| by Etijimmy

Ever gone on a road trip with friends or family? If you answered yes, then you have seen some hilarious things on the road.  Some of these experiences have even been captured for our enjoyment. Here we give you 15 amazing road trip photos!

1. If you love Taylor Swift, you will definitely be obsessed with this photo.

TheMetaPicture via Pinterest

2. Even trucks get tired after a hard day’s work. Nap time.


3. Is it just me or does the tank look like it’s screaming for help?

4. Road trips don’t have to be as uncomfortable as you think and we have these people to prove it.


5. I genuinely feel sorry for the car tires. Poor lil’ things!

Ferdinand Reus/Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

6. Music for everyone on the road (even if you are fifty miles away).


7. Well this trip is certainly canceled, at least the signs want it that way

8. Who says you must have a space-bus before you take your family on a road trip?



9. In case you needed a reminder, no you don’t have nine lives. Buckle up!



Just in case you were thinking of making that phone call. Just Drive!

Comfortspringstation/Tumblr via Pinterest

11. I think whoever put up these signs was not having a good day


12. You’ll need your GPS, a compass and map for this one. Good luck!


13. Viewer discretion is definitely advised. Make sure your kids are asleep!


14. I think these Kangaroos definitely have more fun than most people.


15. No the cops aren’t here…yet. Well this is definitely a relief.

Cracked via Pinterest