Snowed In? You Can Still Work Out

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Winter can be a rough time to stay in shape with snow and freezing temps. At the very least, it can mess with your routine. So here's a quick back-up when you just can't, or don't want to, leave home.

Workout 1
- Shovel your snow.

Workout 2 - Shovel other's people's snow.


Workout 3 - For those icy days you don't feel like leaving your home, try full-body Quicktensity Workout!

*Warm up with some jogging in place and jumping jacks. Jog a minute, jump a minute for 5 minutes.*

1. With a barbell, dumbbells or bands - Squat-Shoulder-Press - Go into squat position with weight at shoulder. When you stand up, press up. Do 15 reps
          ~rest 30 seconds~
2. 20 Push-ups
          ~rest 30 seconds~
3. Lunge Jumps - Jump into alternating lunge positions. They don't have to be fast, focus on form. 15-30 reps depending on fitness level
        ~rest 30 seconds~

REST 2 Minutes! Then repeat 2 more times

4. With dumbbells or bands, alternating side lateral raises (shoulders) to front raises. 15 reps
       ~rest 30 seconds~
5. Jumping squats - Get in squat position and jump. You don't have to go all the way down, but go where it's comfortable. 15-30 reps (add weights for intensity)
       ~rest 30 seconds~
6. 30 seconds of ab crunches
        ~rest 30 seconds~

Then repeat 2 more times and you are DONE! (Stay tuned as I add mini-supersets to intensify the workout)

To make the routine easier, use light or no weights, or reduce reps.
To make the routine harder, add reps and weight!

Good Luck!

by Heather Frey
, Founder and President of, Motivationalist, CPT, Writer, Artist, Spokesperson, Fitness Model, National Figure Competitor

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