Shiva Rea Responds to all the Hoopla

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Shiva Rea Clears the Air After Yoga Conference in India.

Responding to some of the hullabaloo that came up after her pranically heavy offering at one of the largest yoga events in the world in India, Shiva Rea took to facebook to, if not defend, explain with some perplexity, exactly what happened. Nice to have her voice enter into the conversation…

Shiva Rea Clean Air 200x300 Shiva Rea Responds to all the Hoopla

“I am still in Kerala studying Kalarippayatu and I have been bringing students here to connect with the roots of Indian culture for the last seven years. I am a bit surprised by the article…very bizarre as it was not at all …what was happening. I am very respectfully dressed when I am in India as this was my 12th pilgrimage over the last 20 years. I was offering a namaskaram for Ma Ganga and instead of being on a big stage we faced Ma Ganga all together. One of the most beloved Mataji of the Parmath Niketan ashram was singing Ganga slokhas and mantras the whole time and we closed the whole practice by making offerings to Ma Ganga. I was wearing either crop pants with a skirt over the pants or long pants – honestly I don’t remember – but skimpy is ridiculous – the Kumbha Mela Sadhus wear way less. There was a part of the namaskaram in which we were moving in a sahaja flowing motion with the mantras with the powerful flow of Ma Ganga . I remember a small handful of Indian students leaving within 15 minutes but I thought it was too cold or that they were very much beginners. I felt such blessings from Pujya Swami and all on Shivratri. I actually intentionally offered classes to honor the source of yoga. Quite bizarre…I think they were seeking publicity. It was a blessed Shivratri and Ma Ganga is alive in my heart.

This was my workshop description not as a “defense” but just a glance how limited the engagement of the press is at going deeper. I would have loved to be interviewed before being plastered as the “cover girl” of this article. I am a student and sadhaka like everyone else.

Ganga Namaskar – A Prana Flow Movement Offering with Live Chanting

In this energetic vinyasa sadhana on the banks of the Ganga , we will experience a prana flow namaskaram dedicated to Ma Ganga as the living flow of the Shakti and the healing power of the water element. Through mantra, mudra, healing asanas, and sahaja flow, we will explore movement as meditation as a way of embodying the flow of the sacred for realization and awakening.

It is a good debate that we all can engage in – the roots and living evolution of sadhana.

Jai Ma Gange! Jai Ma Shakti! She is alive in us all!”