Shiva Rea | Equinoxes & Tsunamis: Waves of Change

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In this note from Shiva Rea’s facebook page, she opens up about change and calls for ACTION – enjoy!

shiva1 Shiva Rea | Equinoxes & Tsunamis: Waves of Change

So many people around the world have felt “hit” by the tsunami of Japan – heartbroken, shaken, depressed and disturbed by last week’s earthquake.

I seem to forget that every year just before spring there is this breaking open – death giving way to life, a bud bursting out of a tree, a shoot out of the earth, a rising in the middle of the debris.  For nature, renewing herself through dying is the only way there can be a rebirth. This is why Easter, Passover, Purim, Holi, and the Goddess festival, Besant Navaratri are all linked together around the Spring Equinox– rebirth comes from a period of great darkness and both a sudden and gradual metamorphosis of new light and life.

The Tsunami that was experienced in Japan through the 9.0 magnitude earthquake literally shifted the earth into a different axis. This can create a subtle yet disturbingly real feeling of being ungrounded, wanting to stay home and rooted, lowering our immune system, setting off despair and depression, increasing emotional flow, fear etc. that the body will manifest as a reflection of the lager changes of the earth.

What do we see in our own life reflected in the macro changes around us?  At this time of the turning point the dark and light what is churning, shedding and breaking through for you?

As I observe in my own life around the Spring, I can see a cracking open that is happening from life itself, beyond my control. Fourteen years ago, I loss my mother at this time. It involved a rites of passage through fear, grief and loss as we spent a dark night of the soul together in sleepless vigil as she laboured her breath all night  towards death. That raw dark night shifted the next day at sunset. Her last breath on the Spring Equinox was the opposite of the night before as her spirit filled the room and was permeated in bliss. This is the great reversal of death into life that is part of of the transition into the emergence of Spring.

If you are still feeling out of sorts, you may want to create a vigil in memory of those who lost there lives, homes, loved ones from the Tsunami. Fire is a central part of ancient Spring Equinox rituals for thousands of years when bonfires are lit and  triumph over darkness as represented in traditional holidays such as Holi in India as well as in the Jewish holiday Purim. Vigil comes from the latin meaning “wakefulness”, to stay awake, the remember, the meet the force of death with the light of consciousness.

Let us dedicate this spring equinox to new life and also clean energy for the one good coming out of the tsunami is alerting people to the dangers of toxic Nuclear energy.

Check out to see how grassroots communities are creating a vigil for Japan and bringing life to what energy that needs to be addressed. Nuclear Energy is not an option. Let’s create small grassroots Earth Vigils this coming full moon-spring equinox this Sunday, March 20 and the Earth Hour (March 26) and coming Earth Day (April 22nd) – let spring burst forth, crack yourself open from the contraction of winter or any death that now gives you the power to  emerge in new light. Now is the time to give full power to your seed dreams from the beginning of the year.

Let us know if you want to help spread the word through your local studios.

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