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Everyone deserves a sanctuary – and if you live in Nashville, TN, you need look no further.

Sanctuary for Yoga is Nashville’s premier yoga studio. Learn more below…

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About Sanctuary

Sanctuary for Yoga, Body & Spirit was co-founded by Daphne and Tom Larkin in 2004. After many years of traveling back and forth to Los Angeles studying yoga, they were inspired to create a studio home in Nashville that was in line with their hearts. So Sanctuary was born – a sacred space that supports creative expression and expansion, honors the great river of yoga and our individual paths that flow freely, and fosters a heart-centered, joyful practice. The transformation that has occurred and the community that has formed since our beautiful beginning has been incredible!

The Transformative Yoga Experience

The classes at Sanctuary are ever evolving journeys, which invite you to begin where you are and grow into the classes most suited to your personal needs. We have something for everyone – from beginners to advanced practitioners. All our yoga programs are breath-centered and explore the power and connection to our vital energy, known as prana. Although you will find our classes to honor all forms of yoga, our primary style is Prana Vinyasa Flow. We are proud to feature some of Nashville’s best teachers who bring years of experience to their classes. Sanctuary’s teachers all have rich backgrounds from a variety of styles of yoga and these backgrounds continually cultivate an ability to infuse life and energy into the practice. Experience Shiva Rea’s signature Prana Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Therapeutic/Gentle Flow, Live Music classes, and other special offerings.


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About Tom & Daphne

We’re passionate about the path of our lives. We’re equally passionate about sharing the practice of yoga. Live and love fully!

Everything in our life has brought us to this point. We are surfers of sort – sometimes surfing literally in the ocean (that’s Tom), but most often surfing the current of our life and all that flows with it. We’ve discovered that it’s exponentially more fun to share it with others and to be surrounded by people who inspire us. That’s what keeps us going. And so we’ve been graced with incredible experiences with teachers, guides and friends who keep our eyes open to the limitless potential and love that surrounds us.

We’re grateful to our family, friends and teachers for their vision and support. We wouldn’t be who we are without the love, music, We are profoundly grateful to Shiva Rea who has served as our teacher and friend since we met in 2001 and has had an impact on our lives that she will never know.


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Class Styles

~Vinyasa Flow~

~Gentle Flow~

~Power Latte~

~Power Lunch~

~Sweet Soul Sweat~

~Yinyasa (Yin & Vinyasa)~

~Yin Yoga~

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Teacher Training

Immerse yourself in the process of learning to teach vinyasa flow yoga with Daphne and Tom Larkin – two of Shiva Rea’s longtime teaching assistants – and an experienced staff of guest faculty. Whether you’re considering taking that first step into teaching or looking to deepen your practice, this program is designed for you.

The journey begins with the first inhale and takes you on a path which continues for the rest of your life. We recognize the path of learning to teach is a lifelong process and taking the first step can be overwhelming. The Sanctuary for Yoga Teacher Training Program is designed to set a solid foundation that is rooted in the study of fundamental teaching skills, integrated alignment, philosophy, and dives into the great river of yoga introducing Shiva Rea’s unique style of Prana Flow. Bringing together years of experience in several lineages of yoga, the diverse faculty comes together to offer their own perspective on the practice of yoga on and off the mat.

We are unified on the path of yoga. Our own journey is unique, but it is the connection to each other that sustains us. Discover your voice. Open your heart. Take the first step toward teaching in a nurturing community.

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Upcoming Workshops & Events

April 16th

Beyond the Basic Series: Vinyasa Tune-Up with Jessalynn Hakanson

April 19th & 20th

Simon Park & DJ Hyfi

April 29th

Detox Flow with Seane Corne


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“Sanctury’s Vinyasa Level 1 class makes exercise enjoyable for me. I’ve lost weight as a result and I enjoy the calm and relaxation after a session.” - Robert Mohon

“Sanctuary has become a favorite place of mine, where I can step out of the chaos of my life into beautiful, calm surroundings. Tom and Daphne are so welcoming and the vinyasa yoga is great. Don’t be fooled by the pretty music and spa scents though, you are going to work your body here. Tom and Daphne, in their respective instruction, have increased my strength, flexibility and awareness. I love the quiet intensity of yoga and its mental and physical benefits.” – Rowanne McKnight

I refer my massage therapy clients to Sanctuary for Yoga because I trust the teachers at Sanctuary will guide them on their beginning yoga journey.” – April M.

“I am so grateful for the work you are doing, the ‘Sanctuary’ you have created, but most of all, I am so grateful for the two of you! You obviously love what you are doing and are being blessed .. as am I and all who walk through your doors. Your teaching and encouragement, both in and out of the ‘classroom’ have challenged and inspired me. … I am thankful for the community you have helped establish. What a blast!” – JP


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