Trail Blazers' Rudy Fernandez Still Wants to be Traded

| by Dwight Jaynes

As we get ready for the world championships, Rudy is still making it clear he wants no part of returning to Portland (tried to hit the translated link but it won’t let me, sorry. But it’s pretty easy to get one one the web somewhere). He says he’s frustrated and either wants to come back to Europe or be dealt to another team that plays the style of game that will take advantage of his skills. Mostly stuff we’ve all heard before.

But I thought this part was a little more pointed than some previous stuff:

P. Do you think that all were to blame McMillan? Have you made self-criticism?
R. Of course all the fault is not theirs. The coach holds the reins of the team and has to think about what is best for the group. That does it. It also has a philosophy of play and sometimes I did not fall. It is true that I have in front of Roy, who is a superstar and accumulated many minutes on the track. But I do not understand is that I have promised many things they are not carried out. I do not need someone telling me to go all day I’m very good or he sees me playing very well so that the end does not give you the role you expect. Those things hurt you mentally. Affect you because you said one thing and does the opposite. You start thinking about what you have done wrong, what is it that did not like … Accumulate all that and you just eat a headache to the point of not seeing you able to help the team and prefer to be on the bench.

I have to tell you, he’s going about this all wrong. It doesn’t have to be public. But at the same time, he does need to go someplace where he will play — and play his game. Otherwise, given how much money he’s losing by playing over here, he’s wasting time and money playing in the NBA.

Dragging this dispute into training camp would not be beneficial to anyone. In fact, it would be a big mistake for the Blazers that will only be a camp distraction — and it won’t become any easier to trade him later.

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