Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton Reveal More Details

| by Oh The Scandal

The Royal Wedding: We have the date – 29 April. We have the venue – Westminster Abbey. We have the time – 11:00am.

Palace officials have now released more details for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day.

Middleton will spend her last night as a "single" either at one of the Palaces or a private royal residence in London.

On her wedding day, she will make her way to the Abbey by car. As you know, public transport can be a tad unreliable. Time for a spot of sightseeing taking in London’s scenic route, i.e. pass the Mall (the road running from Buckingham Palace), Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall, and Parliament Square.

Royal Wedding: Prince William, Kate Middleton Reveal More Details

Conducting the service and officially marrying the pair will be The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. The Bishop of London, Right Rev. Richard Chartres, will give the address. I am guessing "The Address" is a speech, and not the address and post code of where they are?

After the happy nuptials, the newlyweds will leave the service by horse and carriage  – note to self, remind the Palace to provide large pooper scoopers for the horses.

Queen Elizabeth, Wiliam’s grandmother, will host the official reception. Which will later be followed by a private dinner and dance for the couple’s closest friends and family. Bonny Prince Charles will act as host for that little shindig.

The Palace has yet to send out invitations. Silly me, thought I had been forgotten. Knickers in a twist over nothing as usual!