2010-11 Indianapolis Colts Roster Prediction

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I never do roster predictions. For whatever reason, I've never found them particuarly interesting.  Still, I know many of you love to do it, and I get why people think it's fun. Westside Rob wrote me with his last night, and it struck me as a nice effort. I don't necessarily agree with every player evaluation (I think Wheeler is going to break out this year), but probably 85% of the roster is basically set already. Here's his best guess as to the final 53:


QB (2 spots with 1 on PS)
18 Manning I think this guy has a shot
2 7 Painter Probably won't be displaced this year

  RB (4 spots per usual)  
3 29 Addai Oesher's right Addai is the most underrated player on the team
4 31 Brown Not likely to push ahead of Addai until he can pass block
5 32 Hart A solid #3 RB but not a world beater
6 45 Moore Right now his running and KR gives him the edge


7 44 Clark Another strong year for Dallas but not as great as last year
8 81 Eldridge So far he's been the most impressive rookie
9 84 Tamme Won't see a lot of snaps if Clark is healthy
10 46 Cloherty A tough call as he'd probably be safe on the PS


  WR (I think solid 4 allows them to only carry 5 WRs)  
11 87 Wayne His production won't drop in a contract year
12 11 Gonzalez Should bounce back for a nice year
13 17 Collie Looks likely to maintain or improve on a solid rookie season
14 85 Garcon Most likely to regress of the top 4 but I still think he'll be solid
15 10 Smith Taj needs to show consistency but most promising of the 3 possibles (White, Giguere)


16 63 Saturday He's stil the OL MVP
17 71 Diem I still can't imagine he's got many years left but he's looked solid in preseason
18 74 Johnson Who would have thought we'd be desperate for him to return to staring LT
19 67 Ugoh He's still a big disappointment (not a bust) but his versaility will keep him on the roster for a while
20 66 Devan Not sure if he'll start but he won't go from starter to off the roster
21 73 Thomas Showing some promise so he's probably in
22 65 McClendon He's been too hurt to know for sure but they'll give him a year at least
23 62 Richard He seems to have regressed but he'll make it
24 78 Pollack Another disappointment but he'll make the roster


  DE (Some decent players are going to get cut)  
25 93 Freeney He still makes the defense work
26 98 Mathis Not as good without Freeney but still elite
27 99 Johnson Continues to show improvement
28 90 Muir Probably the best DT on the team
29 95 Moala Definitely improved from 09' won't start yet but a solid backup
30 68 Foster Solid flexible DL
31 92 Hughes I'm concerned but he'll make the roster for sure
32 91 Matthews Shown enough signs to keep around
33 94 Baldwin Has shown he can get to the QB
34 97 Chick Pass rush is valued overall so I think he makes it


35 58 Brackett After Freeney Brackett is the next most important defender
36 55 Session Key to the run defense
37 50 Wheeler Not sure he holds his starting spot much longer
38 51 Angerer Got to like what we've seen from him so far
39 53 Conner Has also looked decent so far
40 59 Humber Solid player and decent STs player


41 21 Sanders It would be nice to see a full season from 21
42 41 Bethea Ironman of the Colt's secondary
43 26 Hayden Great DB for Colt's defensive style
44 25 Powers Showed PB potential last year but needs to stay on field
45 27 Lacey Solid number 3 CB looks improved from 2009
46 33 Bullitt Looks like he'll play some LB in the Nickel package to get him on the field more
47 20 Thomas Do they IR him or keep him on active roster?
48 34 Lambert Has made plays in both preseason games
49 37 King Probably get's the last spot for the DB's

1 McAfee Could deliver a ProBowl caliber year
51 4 Vinateri Could be his last year wearing the horseshoe
52 48 Snow Probably still holds this spot but Tamme capability would offer Colts option to use his spot for others
53 12 James I'm thinking they keep him but I'm probalby wrong about this
    Close Calls  
  96 Dawson Get's caught in a numbers game
  75 King A tough call but probably can be kept on the PS
  47 Robinson Just not consistent enough
  46 Cloherty A tough call but probably can be kept on the PS
  52 Glenn It's between him and Humber
  72 Linkenbach Most servicable of the backup OT's but PS bound
  38 Newton If Thomas get's IR'd Newton probably makes it