NBA Rookies Interested in Recently Banned APL Shoe

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The NBA has, for the first time in its history, banned a pair of shoes from being worn by its players under the “unfair competitive advantage” rule. The shoe in question is the recently created “Concept 1″ from Athletic Propulsion Labs. According to APL, they have created a shoe that helps increase a player’s vertical leap through their patented Load ‘N Launch Technology.

The technology itself features a unique device that serves as a “launch pad” housed inside a cavity at the front of the shoe, which compresses (The “Load” phase) and then releases (The “Launch” phase) as the athlete exerts force on the front of the foot.

The NBA released a brief statement explaining their reasoning on the decision. ”Under league rules, players may not wear any shoe during a game that creates an undue competitive advantage.”

The company that makes the shoe was created by twin brothers Adam and Ryan Goldston, who were both former walk-ons at USC. They have since taken advantage of their recently banned status in marketing their creation. The two brothers probably couldn’t have hoped for any better advertising than the National Basketball Association essentially confirming that their shoe works.

The Goldston brothers claim that many NBA players have showed interest in this new shoe technology and that includes about 30 percent of this year’s rookie class since I guess Wesley Johnson wants to literally jump out of the gym. Actually, no names of the players interested were given by APL leaving us to speculate at which young rooks were looking to get a little higher ups this season.

I wonder if they can start hiding this in shoes in the future? This could become basketball’s version of corked bats or worse, steroids. I can see the Congressional hearings already.