Rockets on Short End of 5-Player, 4-Team Trade

| by Sports Nickel

5 Player, 4 team trade just came over the wire.

I’ll list this in order of impact for next season.

The Hornets gave up Darren Collison & James Posey and got Trevor Ariza

The Nets gave up Courtney Lee and got Troy Murphy

The Pacers gave up Troy Murphy and got Darren Collison and James Posey

The Rockets got the worst end with giving up Trevor Ariza and getting Courtney Lee.
Impact on . . . .

The Hornets:

James Posey was overpaid and expected to give some championship experience to the young Hornets, that didn’t happen and the Hornets don’t need a 5/4 swingman on the downside of his career. Darren Collison is the major giveup here, he had a MONSTER years as a rookie, and the Hornets are trading when the water is high on him. Ariza took advantage of his increased minutes and averaged 15 points and five and a half boards with almost 4 assists. Ariza is going to slide into the SF position next to David West and give the Hornets a really good defensive team. Marcus Thornton being the only guy who isn’t a defender to be reckoned with.

The Nets:

Adding a 15/10 guy who plays solid post D for a temperamental 12/3/2 undersized swingman.

yeah, the Nets came out ahead here. The ONLY two questions here are by the time the Nets are ready to contend, is Troy (30 years old) going to be around and can he play with Lopez and not take away from each other? Lee was a bad addition to start, and now he’s gone. The cost could be considered a problem, but not in Jersey.

The Pacers:

Hate to give up a double-double guy, but lets face it, the Pacers have been stressing the Point since Bird came over- but to be honest- they could add Chris Paul and not be a playoff team. Collison gives them a young point to build around and be a leader of this team- I expect Posey to be bought out, and the Pacers have already started the process to buyout TJ Ford as well. The Pacers need some major rebuilding, you would think giving up Murphy could have netted a protected pick at least.

The Rockets:

Cap-cutting move, no doubt about it. Across the board Trevor is a MUCH better player, and a better defender. If I’m a Rockets fan, I’m pissed. Bottom line.