Former Republican Rep. Chris Lee was Seeking Transgender Women?

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

A possible explanation as to why former New York Rep. Chris Lee resigned so quickly after it was revealed he was looking for women on Craigslist -- a report said he was also looking for transgender women. Gawker said two transgender women from the Washington, D.C.-area contacted the Web site separately to say they exchanged emails with Lee.

The married Lee resigned earlier this month, just three hours after a shirtless photo of him that he emailed to a woman on Craiglist was revealed.

The political world was shocked at the rapid resignation, as many politicians caught in scandals often try to hang on to their offices to the bitter end. But this new revelation could explain why Lee was so quick to walk away.

A pre-op transgender woman named "Fiona" told Gawker that she responded to an ad from someone looking for a transgender woman. The ad included the now-infamous shirtless picture of Lee, although his face was cropped.

Gawker wrote:

Yes, that's right: a member of Congress posted a personal ad seeking transsexuals and crossdressers and even included a picture of himself, all without thinking twice, apparently.

She said he told her he had dated a transsexual woman while "in college in California." Lee did indeed attend business school in California.

A second transgender woman named "Holly" also said she exchanged emails with Lee, and had the same shirtless picture. Gawker reports that this woman turned out to be a prostitute.

As Gawker wrote, perhaps the quick resignation was an effort to hide all of this:

But if Lee was using the Internet to meet up with transgender women, it now makes a lot more sense why he would have decided to resign so quickly: Lee may have thought if he quit the House immediately, he'd be able to avoid having his "secret" exposed and spare himself any further embarrassment. No such luck.