Religion in Society
Religion in Society

Religious People, I DO NOT Hate You

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I've been accused of hating religious people. Nothing could be farther from the truth! In fact, most of my very close friends are Christians. I even have one very strong online friendship with a Muslim. I myself have once again started attending church, but this time of the Unitarian Universalist type (where all are welcome regardless of individual beliefs - even atheists).

I do not hate religious people. I don't see how I can make that any more clear. However, if you really want to know what I do hate, it's this (and note I'm not singling out any one particular faith, you'll see elements from all faiths here):

  1. I hate that you support laws that prohibit the LGBT community from receiving equal rights in this country.

  2. I hate that you are trying to overturn an excellent ruling that ensures a woman's right to control her own body and her own reproductive system.

  3. I hate that you harass women who are on their way to their abortion appointment or consultation.

  4. I hate that you are trying to get pseudoscientific creation myths into science textbooks as an alternative to time-tested, real science. 

  5. I hate that you won't stop knocking on my door asking me if I've heard the "good news."

  6. I hate that you harass grieving families, schoolchildren, and everyone who comes into contact with your disgusting signs like "Thank God For AIDS" or "Thank God For 9/11." 

  7. I hate that you've killed so many innocent people with your suicide bombings.

  8. I hate that you believe someone who leaves your religion must be put to death.

  9. I hate that you bomb abortion clinics.

  10. I hate that you try to re-write history and claim that the USA was founded on a certain religion.

  11. I hate that you treat women as property and make them cover everything but their eyes.

  12. I hate that you're trying to institute Shariah Law everywhere you go.

  13. I hate that you've called me, a 15-gallon blood donor, evil for offering my blood for transfusion when I've saved potentially up to 60 lives with that blood.

  14. I hate that you promote censorship by trying to keep a silly little cartoon off the air or threatening to kill anyone who so much as draws your beloved prophet.

  15. I hate that you're willing to subject a beautiful baby boy (or in some other religions, girl) to needless, painful, amputative, cosmetic genital surgery in the name of your religion.
THAT'S what I hate, it's not religious people as individuals. If you could learn not to impose your religion on others, I would have absolutely no problem with you. That said, part of every religion is evangelizing, and that's okay. Bring it up, I tell you no thank you, we move on. Why is that such a hard thing to do? Why must you bring it up over and over, and worst of all, use the whole "convert or die" adage? 

Let's just all get along, please?