Teen Who Mimicked Sex Act With Jesus Statue Banned From Social Media

| by Dominic Kelly

Early last month, Opposing Views told you about the teen who was charged after posting photos of himself on social media mimicking sex acts with a statue of Jesus, and now, that 14-year-old boy has learned his fate.

In the photos, the unnamed 14-year-old can be seen simulating sex acts with a statue of Jesus. After the photos were posted online, police were able to charge him under a rarely used law from 1972 that makes it illegal to defile a venerated object.

Now, after appearing before a judge, the teen has been banned from using social media for six months, has to perform 350 hours of community service, has to adhere to a strict 10 p.m. curfew, and has to abstain from alcohol and other controlled substances that will be monitored using random drug tests.

“I know that there are many groups that say this case is about religious rights, and quite frankly, they are right,” said District Attorney Bill Higgins. “But it is the religious rights of the Christian organization that owns the statue and has placed it for display on their private property that have been implicated. They have every right to practice their faith unmolested. In American, we all enjoy the right to freedom of expression and the freedom to practice our religious beliefs without interference, but that right ends where those same rights of another begin.

“I was pleased to hear that this young man apologized to Love in the Name of Christ and I am glad he has accepted responsibility for his behavior,” Higgins continued. “He is a 14-year-old boy with the potential to have a bright future. I am confident that if he applies himself, he can put this matter behind him and become a productive citizen.”

If the teen adheres to the conditions of his sentencing, he will not have a criminal record going forward.

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