Religious Man Yells Anti-Gay Slurs Outside Restaurant at Gay Man (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Two customers, one straight, one gay, got into an argument outside a restaurant in Delta Township, Mich., on Tuesday.

Tweedie claims that he and his friends were leaving the Fire Mountain Restaurant when Victor Sadet yelled anti-gay slurs.

Tweedie used his cell phone to film the confrontation with Sadet, and posted the video (below) to his Facebook page where it went viral.

Sadet repeatedly uses the slur, "f------- f------" on the video, and says, "God's law, Leviticus, Leviticus, you should be put to death," noted

"This is a man who is deep in his beliefs to the point of delusion," Tweedie told WILX.

According to WILX, Sadet told the news station that "he reacted because of his religious principles."

Although Delta Township passed a law against LGBT discrimination, it doesn't apply in this instance.

"The ordinance only applies to the restaurant's treatment of its patrons," law professor Emily Harvath told WILX. "Because patrons treatment of other patrons is covered by that individual's first amendment right."

Tweedie angrily slammed the restaurant's management on his Facebook page. In response, the Fire Mountain Restaurant issued a statement on its Facebook page: "We have not and will not ever tolerate such behavior. None of our employees were involved in this issue, and our manager took every and all appropriate actions including calling the police."

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