Church Changes Mind About Making Gay Couple's Son Use Side Chapel

| by Michael Allen

A gay couple, Rich Jones and Adrian Mertz, wanted to have their adopted son, Santino, dedicated at the Shoreline Church in Austin, Texas, a few weeks ago.

Jones and Mertz, who are members of the church, were married in Las Vegas.

A church leader agreed to have a dedication service for Santino, but not in the main sanctuary as other children had done, but rather in a side chapel because church members would not be ready to accept it.

However, after local TV news station KVUE called the Shoreline Church on Thursday, the church reversed course and said the boy could be dedicated in the main sanctuary.

The church issued this statement:

We are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused the Mertz family regarding the dedication of their child to God. We understand how our attempt to make a reasonable accommodation was misguided and hurtful. It is our intent to uphold human dignity, and in this regard we have failed. We are reaching out to the family to invite them to our next baby dedication.

A similar controversy erupted in Orlando, Florida, in April when a gay couple wanted their adopted baby baptized at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke.

Rich and Eric McCaffrey were shocked to learn that the baptism was called off because some of the church members opposed the same-sex couple.

Earlier this month, an Episcopal bishop met with the men and agreed to baptize their son in the church, noted WFTV.

Sources: KVUE, WFTV
Image Credit: KVUE Screenshot

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