Buddhist-Wiccan Cop Sues LAPD, Officer Said She Would 'Burn in Hell'

| by Michael Allen

Los Angeles police officer Victoria DeBellis, a Buddist-Wiccan, is suing the LAPD because a fellow police officer allegedly said she would "burn in hell" because of her religious beliefs.

DeBellis is suing for discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

DeBellis claims the harassment began in 2011, even after requesting a transfer to a different precinct, notes the Woodland Hills Patch.

In her legal complaint, DeBellis says Officer Thomas Tenney made “inappropriate sex and gender-based comments” and talked of “his dislike and disrespect for women."

Tenney allegedly told DeBellis that he tried to have female cops kicked off the force for incompetence, joked about her breastfeeding her baby ("Are you going to milk it?"), disapproved of her conversion from Catholicism to Buddhist-Wiccan and told her she would “burn in hell," reports

DeBellis also claims that when she complained to her superiors about Tenney, she was ostracized by her colleagues.

Sources: and Woodland Hills Patch