Pastor Drives Over People To Prove God's Power (Photos)

| by Michael Allen

Pastor Penuel drove a car over two of his church members on June 3 to show the power of God during a religious gathering at a stadium in Kameelrivier, South Africa.

Penuel has made his followers to consume "grass, clothes, snakes and other weird stuff" in the past, according to

Penuel's End Times Disciples Ministries Facebook page said that church members were commanded to go to sleep, Penuel drove his car over them and commanded them to wake up while the vehicle rested on their bodies.

Penuel reportedly asked his followers if they felt any pain, they said they didn't, he reversed the car and commanded them, again, to wake up.

The two people reportedly stood up and danced with the rest of the congregation.

The ministry's Facebook page stated:

"As the man of God Prophet Penuel uttered the words that proceeds from the mouth of God. He taught about the power and the ability of the Spirit (God). As noted in Mark 16:16 'to those who believe, they shall be saved and those rejecting this power would perish. God continued teaching the church, there are many mysteries that Our Lord Jesus performed yet they were never recorded now the question is which miracles are those that endanger our ability of being saved?

Mark 16:16 states: "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned," but there is no mention of placing one's life in danger.

Some skeptics commented on the ministry's Facebook page.

"The bible tells us to be careful and always be on a wash, for at the end time there shall be many false prophets performing sign and wonder in my name in order to deceive you. So children of God for these are all the fulfilment of the Scriptures," said one commenter.

"Lord have mercy," said another. "I pray that the Holy Spirit saves His people b4 its too late. He is really misusing faith. A Man who is truly of God wouldnt be doing this."

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