Pastor Upset: Anti-Gay Video Is Removed From Facebook

| by Michael Allen

Pastor Rich Penkoski says Facebook recently suspended his account while he was "doing a live sermon" video against Facebook's pro-LGBT rainbow reaction button and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg.

Penkoski, who lives in West Virginia and runs the "Warriors for Christ" Facebook page, recalled the incident to The Christian Post: "I was preaching about how the pride rainbow could be the mark of the beast and how Mark Zuckerburg wanted to have Facebook replace the church."

Penkoski says Facebook locked him out because he attacked the social media giant: "Within 1 minute I was kicked off my live video and had to log back in. I received a notice that my live video was removed for violating Facebook Terms of Service."

Penkoski explained how he often gets banned from the social media site for attacking gay people and Islam:

I get banned all the time. I have been banned for 30 days for calling an atheist a liar. I've been banned for showing photos of Quranic verses about killing infidels. I've been banned for saying LGBT, which is why I now use lgbtqrstuv on the page. They keep adding letters anyway so it fits.

Penkoski made news in June when he threatened to ban anyone who used the rainbow flag emoji on his Facebook page.

He recalled that incident in an earlier interview with The Christian Post:

The thing about the rainbow flag is nobody asked why we didn't want it on our page. The issue was that the rainbow emoji is a pride symbol for homosexuality and we are a Christian ministry. We don't celebrate sin and we are not going to embrace it now. We know, as Christians, that sin leads to death.

The "Friendly Atheist" character wrote a blog about us and it snowballed from there. Every single online gay blog or newspapers, they all picked it up and went with their version of it. We got hammered. It must have been overnight. We banned over 900,000 people. We received messages of "You should die," "Go kill yourself."

Before we could change [the address], they sent fecal matter to our house, gay porn to our house. Last night, for instance, someone threatened [in a Facebook message] to rape me. They said if I disrespect their pride flag they would come pound my [behind]. These people are absolutely horrid ... These are the types of things a decent human being wouldn't do, regardless of whether they are Christian or not. It was all meant to bully us and try to silence us.

The rainbow flag reaction option that Penkoski silences on his page was added to Facebook in June to celebrate LGBT Pride Month.

The Official LGBTQ Resource Page for Facebook says: "We believe in building a platform that supports all communities. So we're celebrating love and diversity this Pride by giving you a special reaction to use during Pride Month."

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