Pastor: Babies Were Lifting Hands, Praying Together (Video)

| by Michael Allen

George Pearsons, the senior pastor at faith-healer Kenneth Copeland's Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, Texas, said on Nov. 8 that babies were simultaneously raising their hands and praying in the church nursery on Nov. 2 (video below).

The Friendly Atheist notes that Pearsons made his assertion during an election night broadcast:

We’ve got an outpouring of spirit with the babies! We have babies lifting their hands in a service. They were over there in the children’s area, the babies’ area, on Wednesday night, and they started praying, and they have our service on the [video] screen. The kids were crying. The babies were crying. And when they started praying on the screen, I’m telling you the truth, I would not lie, these babies were lifting up their hands.

Pearsons' wife, Terri, who is Copeland's daughter, confirmed the babies' unison gesture: "All of them in the room. The workers noticed it. It got quiet and their little hands went up. That has never happened before. It has to be God."

The church website states: "We believe in spiritual training from the very beginning. No babysitting here! It is an honor and privilege to pray over and love on every single baby and child that comes through our doors!"

In an op-ed for Charisma News in September, Pearsons told Christians not to focus on the presidential candidates themselves, but on the non-binding party platforms.

Pearsons also compared the party platforms (regarding abortion) to accomplices in robberies: "Consider if a bank is being robbed. Shots are fired and several are killed. The accomplice is the one sitting in the driver's seat of the getaway car. They carry the same degree of guilt as the person they are assisting and they are subject to criminal penalties."

Pearsons then posted edited parts of the Republican and Democratic Party platforms on abortion, and quoted Bible verses, none of which mentioned abortion.

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