Oregon Church Reaches Out To Strippers With Baked Goods (Video)

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

Members of a Portland, Ore., church are hoping to turn strippers to Jesus by delivering baked goods to clubs.

“We want to deliver a message of love, hope and transformation,” Cedar Hills Church Pastor Curtis Buthe to “It’s just a simple way of saying, ‘We care about you.’”

The congregation plans to deliver sweets to exotic dancers at the Sunset Strip Gentlemen’s Club Sunday.

“Two years ago, we did this and we had some of our older ladies deliver the goodies,” Buthe said. “They let them come in, let them into the dressing room.”

The manager of the strip club, Jim Harrison, told KGW it’s a little strange but it’s nice of them to visit the dancers.

“They are trying to reach out to help out their community,” Harrison said.

He said he’s not sure what the church thinks it will accomplish.

“Not everyone wants to work at McDonald's or the DMV,” he noted. “It’s a job. Some people use it as a means to an end.”

Sources:, My Eastern Oregon