Here's How Texans At 'Draw Muhammad' Event Responded After Gunmen Opened Fire Outside (Photo)

| by Charles Roberts

Attendees at a “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas, reportedly began singing ‘God Bless America’ after two gunmen were killed outside their event.

According to The Dallas Morning News, two gunmen allegedly drove up outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, on Sunday evening and opened fire on a security guard. Officers at the scene reportedly returned fire and killed the suspects.

The guard suffered a non-life threatening wound.

As police sorted out precisely what occurred outside, the people inside the building broke out in song and prayer, reports The Blaze.

The event in question was hosted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative and has been described as both a “Draw Muhammad” event and a “free speech” event. It was reportedly hosting a contest that would award a large sum of money for the best drawing of the Prophet Muhammad.

We will continue to update this story with more information as it comes in. 

Sources: The Blaze Dallas Morning News / Photo Credit: Screenshot via The Blaze