Video: Pat Robertson Claims 'Hard-Nosed' Women Ruin Marriages

| by Michael Allen

Televangelist Pat Robertson gave some unusual marital advice on the 700 Club last week when he claimed that some women cause trouble in marriages because they are "hard-nosed" and “slatternly looking” (video below).

Robertson was taking a question from a viewer who noticed problems between his parents. The 17-year-old viewer said that he “noticed that there has been a change in my father’s behavior” and that his dad “spends too much time at the computer playing a war game,” which is making his mom feel lonely, reports

Robertson then blamed the mom: "You know, it may be your mom isn’t as sweet as you think she is. She may be hard-nosed."

Robertson added that women can’t expect their husbands’ love if they are “slatternly looking” (which means dirty and untidy).