Teen Athlete: Removal of Christian Statue from School Will Convert Atheists (Video)

| by Michael Allen

The Madison County School Board in Georgia unanimously voted on Tuesday to remove a statute that includes two Christian Bible verses from Madison County High School.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American Humanist Association notified the school board a few weeks ago that the statue created the appearance that the public school preferred Christianity to all other religions and non-religion, noted Christian News.

Christian members of the community were upset and called atheists "anti-Christs" and "haters" before the school board vote.

This morning on "Fox & Friends," the hosts slammed the "angry atheists" who opposed the Christian statue on government property.

According to, the hosts asked teen Sam Bartlett, who plays football for Madison County High School, if he was upset (video below).

"I'm not upset at all," said Bartlett. "A few thousand people would have been able to see that monument at a Madison County football game, but the attention it drew, this is such a great opportunity for me to come on this show."

"I got to share my faith in the gospel with millions of people compared to just the thousands that see that monument. That's how God works in such ways that we can't imagine, He's so mighty and great," added Bartlett.

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Bartlett, "How do you feel about the atheists who complained about it?"

"I'm not like upset with them," said Bartlett. "I just hope that they will realize our God is so real to us. He can take what seems like a loss, many can just hear his name for the first time. His name can just be glorified."

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