Sen. Ted Cruz Brags About Fighting Atheists in Court (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) spoke this morning at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. where he claimed religious liberty was under attack.

"As believers, we are called to action, not just sitting quietly and hiding our faith under a bushel but to stand and speak no matter what the consequence," Sen. Cruz told the Christian students.

"Religious liberty has never been more under attack," added Sen. Cruz, noted the Associated Press. reports that Sen Cruz also bragged about being the Texas solicitor general during a lawsuit by an atheist to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Texas Capitol (video below).

“It’s been there since 1961, until an individual plaintiff, an atheist, a homeless man, filed a lawsuit seeking to tear down that monument,” Sen. Cruz claimed. “I was honored to defend that monument. We went all the way to the Supreme Court.”

However, Sen. Cruz didn't mention that the monument was allowed to stay because of its historical significance, not on religious grounds.

Sen. Cruz also recalled another case about the Pledge of Allegiance in which atheist Michael Newdow contended he did not want his daughter to be forced to say the words, "one nation under God" in school when reciting the pledge.

While Sen. Cruz claimed victory again, he didn't note that Newdow lost because the court ruled that he could not sue on behalf of his daughter because he did not have custody.

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