Self-Proclaimed Prophet Cindy Jacobs Says Prayers Stopped Planned Terrorist Attack (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs recently claimed on a broadcast of her TV show "God Knows" that she prevented a terrorist attack and exposed a sleeper cell in Niagara Falls, New York via prayer (video below).

Jacobs said that she and her husband were at a restaurant with some friends when "the Lord began to tell me that there was a terrorist attack being planned in that little town," reports

"So anyway, I went out and I walked past this little group of people and the Lord said 'Go tell those people.' So I walked over there... and they said 'Are you Cindy Jacobs? Well, we're pastors from the area and we know who you are.'"

"I gave them the word, " Jacobs continued. "And they mobilized the prayer network and we mobilized our New York State prayer network. Everybody began to pray and it was exposed; there was a sleeper cell in that area that got exposed."

Jacobs did not mention that she or anyone else contacted local authorities to warn them.

However, a Google search for "terrorist sleeper cell niagara falls" did not turn up any results.

Several years ago, there was the highly-publicized sleeper cell 'Lackawanna Six" in Lackawanna, New York, as reported by

Lackawanna, New York is about 25 miles south of Niagara Falls, New York.

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