School Removes Facebook Page Because of Christian Group Postings (Video)

| by Michael Allen

The Hardin-Jefferson Independent School District recently pulled down the China Elementary Facebook page after a complaint by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

The Facebook page was used by various student groups, including Hawks for Christ, a student Christian group that meets before class once a week at the China, Tx., school.

However, the FFRF claims that Hawks for Christ is actually led by teachers, not students, which violates the establishment clause of the Constitution (video below).

The FFRF contacted Hardin Jefferson Superintendent Shannon Holmes and asked her to break up Hawks for Christ.

"It violates the constitution,” FFRF attorney Sam Grover told 12 News Now. “Teachers cannot actively promote God at school, and these elementary students aren't the ones calling pastors to come pray with them."

However, most people interviewed by 12 News Now say they support the Christian group.

"I think they need a proper definition of separation of church and state,” grandparent Greg Sims stated. “That was set up so you wouldn't have a state religion that everyone had to be under."

Here is an example of one of the Facebook posts (pictured above):

Hawks for Christ End of School Celebration Today: Rev. John Woodall, pastor at China First Baptist Church, opened with prayer. Ms. Kerri Beard, HMS HFC sponsor, visited with our fifth graders and invited them to become members next year at middle school. NorthPoint Community Church, China United Methodist, ACT Sll Ministries and First Baptist of China donated bibles for students who either did not have a bible or needed a new one. The meeting ended with refreshments and songs.

Decide for yourselves if the school made the right call.

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